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My dh had a PET scan and a CAT scan at the end of last week. We received the phone call from our oncologist at 8:30 pm Tues. night. I am amazed at how hard our oncologist works and the consideration he has for my husband (and his other patients I am sure).

The results: there are no areas to be concerned about, no spread, just an area of inflamation most likely caused by chemo. The dr. is very pleased and said my husband looks significantly better than he did last summer. :D

My dh starts 7 weeks of radiation today on the area where the original tumor and lymph node was prior to surgery. The technician last week told him she thought she could target away from his esophagus so fingers crossed that he doesn't have major side effects.

Needless to say, we are all very thrilled with the results.


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Hi Mendy, Good news to hear no spread. You two have been on a real roller coaster on the staging.

I just wanted to add some words of encouragement on the chemo and radiation following surgery. I had this too as my margin was .1mm. So they zapped the tumor field and the margin area, and some of my mediastinal nodes as long as they were at it.

This does lead to much scarring which is always extremely confounding factor in reading my scans, but....I'm still here 6 years later. And so wishing you guys good luck too on the treatments.


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Hi Mendy,

I happy to hear the good news. Hopefully the radiation will spare the esophagus. Mine had a little hit, but recovery was a week. With radiation, your husband will need extra sleep. It doesn't hit immediately - but it will.

Best wishes.


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