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Dick Update - MDA - Interesting New News

Guest Cheryl Schaefer

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Guest Cheryl Schaefer

Hi everyone,

Still out of town. All went well with Dick's surgry. After two rounds of chemo here, went to MDA. Tests showed no spread. Surgery was Friday. All went very well. Losts of pain but getting better. They say they feel they got everything. Also used the words CURE. Very positive. One interesting note to all - they recommended that he take Celebrex to prevent regrowth. Said they had significant data the shows good results. Wanted to pass on. My prayers and thanks to all. Things are looking very good here. Will catch up on posts soon.

Aloha, Cheryl

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Just a word --

It's a good thing to be up and moving even a little, and to do passive arm and shoulder exercises.... One thing I wish I had known about was that it's beneficial to lean over parallel to the floor, and rest your head on the back of a chair or something, and let the arm gently swing from the shoulder, in small circles if you can. Makes the rehab so much faster!

Terrific news....


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Great news! by the way on TV I saw a blip on " spike heels don't cause arthritis in the knees as once thought, it is the cigarette in her hand that causes arthritis' If this is true , for those of us who did smoke that would be an added benny of taking Celebrex, no more lung cancer and our knees would feel better. Perhaps would would become famous ice skaters too!! Donna G

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