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Last year I started the year with a huge blow and immediate panic. Now I've started this year much the opposite of last and "counting my blessings". It's all strange and fortunately humbling for me!

Last year, on Mother's Day, a co-worker died from a massive heart attack ..... 39 yr's old. He left behind two year old twins he hadn't seen in a year, a month away from visiting them. What a shame, and such a funny up beat good man!

On New Years day! A life long friend of my husbands had a massive heart attack .... he just turned 39 on Boxing Day. There's little or no brian activity and the family decided to "unplug" the machines. He's still alive, and is breathing on his own with a stable heart beat. Still the odds are that he won't come back from this and his body doesn't know to "let go" yet. A wonderful genuine "good man" still living at home to take care of his 80+ yr old mother!

I'm so lucky to have my year long worry with my 62yr old father. So many other things could've taken that away from me .......... at any given time!

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You know, everytime I get down, I am reminded that there are so many people young and old that have passed since my dad was diagnosed. So many people who went suddenly and didn't have the chance to rectify the situation, whether it was a heart attack, car crash, stroke, or murder. Though cancer SUCKS :evil: I did come to the realization that with every day that my dad is alive, God is giving him another chance at life. And for that reason, I continue to count my blessings.



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