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While I'm sure everyone appreciates information about new and/or experimental treatments, may I suggest that rather than simply cutting and pasting articles on the message board some thought goes into the process. In other words, please take the time to thoroughly read the article and remove any references within it that are clearly not helpful to the reader. Keep the salient technical points, by all means, but use common sense when it comes to the commentary. It isn't rocket science, and I hope you can understand why I posted this.

Happy Days :)


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I think I gotcha and will try hard to do that. Just the pertinint stuff Right?!!? Not an author or writer but will try harder for all. :wink:

Thanks Bill

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Not an attack on anyone specifically -- just a suggestion. I could provide a good example but that would merely put the very thing I'm talking about right in the face of those who I know have no desire to read it.

The emotional battle is as hard, if not harder, than the physical one ... and possibly a lot more important.

Thanks for everyone's understanding. And for those that don't understand ... you will eventually. :)


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I forgot to mention, it wasn't you :)

And I do appreciate your understanding of what I'm trying to say. I'm certainly not advocating the omission of information -- it's critical that people remain informed. But sometimes, lurking within an article, there may be opinions that are better left unsaid.


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An open note, not directed at anyone who has posted in this string:

"There are three kinds of lies: lies, damn lies, and statistics."Benjamin Disraeli - popularized in the U.S. by Mark Twain.

87% of statistics are made up.

Studies have found that eating carrots can be harmful to your health. In a random study of people born in 1875, 100% of those who ate carrots are now deceased....

It is a commonly held belief that people cause accidents, but more commonly proven is that accidents cause people...

You shouldn't drink and drive, you might hit a bump and spill your drink...

Conspiracy theories abound, but everyone knows that life is just the race from birth to death...

You aren't crazy if the whole world IS out to get you...

If everything you ever needed to know, you learned in kindergarten, why have so many people forgotten the lessons?

Life is too busy for courtesy, leading to uncommon rudeness being far too common.

Where is the world headed to, that people picket funerals of dead soldiers, claiming the death is due to "queers" in the military? How low can a religion go to not only condone such behavior, but to organize it?

Always take the time to smell the roses, a lot of crap goes into beautiful blooms...

Statistics and the odds - two very different things...

Bottom line? I don't come here to read the stats. Anytime I want to know what science thinks of the "normal" human body getting through a battle with lung cancer, I can find an accredited site to tell me. Point is, I've never been normal, so those stats have nothing to do with me. I come here for camaraderie and support - to receive and to GIVE.

Would be nice if the "news" were GOOD news, something to add to morale, give hope, not take it away and make a fight for one's life seem futile.

Please, don't tell me I'm going to die. I know that I am, but I also know that YOU will die, too. Everyone does, one day. Me? I'm holding out for a beer truck, on the occassion of my 98th birthday, as I'm crossing the street after winning yet another wet t-shirt contest and arm-wrestling a big biker to tears...

Peace, out!

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Snowflake -- I love it !!!

Just make sure you're not crossing the road when that beer truck makes its appearance -- remember, at 98 your eyesight and hearing won't be what it was (at least that's what the *statistics* say).

When I was much younger I was employed by a company in London on a temporary 6 week basis. My job was to sort through about 100,000 polls -- returns from customers of petrol (gas). The company I worked for were charging 50,000 British pounds (a lot of money back in the 70's) to a particular oil company for the information that we gathered. At the end of my assignment I presented the results to my manager. In a nutshell, I was told that the statistics were useless because the oil company would not be happy with the results (guess the customers didn't like their petrol or something). Anyway, the results were finally sold to the oil company ... but the data that was sold bore no resemblence to the data I came up with. Heck of a business, huh? I mean, why bother employing an analyst when you can just make the stuff up?


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