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mom's latest scan results-could be better and could be worse


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:evil::evil: I knew that Alimta wasn't working and the results would be bad! I thought her upper and middle back area would show a lot of progression but...

she has a lesion to the liver. Just one and it's small. She will start Taxotere week after next because...

She has part of her airway blocked and right lung is partially collapsed. Onc. not sure what blockage is. It could be a cancerous growth, a mucus plug, scar tissue from radiation or a twisted airway. She will be getting a broncoscopy with the pulmonologist next week.

She is off of oxycodone and oxcycontin and put on the Fentanyl patch (25 MCG)the lowest dose and 10/500 mg of Vocodin (double what she had before).

Did any of you try the Fentanyl patch?

Have a blocked airway? How were the treatments?

What was your Taxotere experience?

Did you have liver pain with your lesion(s)?



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Sorry for the pain of your loved one.

My husband was stared on 50 fentany patch,now on 100.This patch has helped John alot. For the pain and to breath better. My husband has nsclc to lung, nodes and to brain. Came back to brain and now nothing can be done just make comfortable.

Prayers to you.

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I would ask about brachytherapy if there is bronchial blockage that they can get to. Charlie had it done and had dramatic results. It was his third radiation to that very localized area and he handled it fine.

Also, the Fentanyl patch was very effective for Charlie and he remained alert and fairly active.

Prayers for good results from the Taxotere and other possible treatments. Take care.

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Never used the fentanyl patch but I was prescribed it at one time, in case needed. I was told it can be very tough on the stomach. Once they had radiated the spine (where I had a met), I no longer had any pain.

I also had no luck with Alimta. Then I went on to Taxotere. I did the 3 weeks then a week off. I was tired at times, but did not experience any other severe side effects. I did not need a boost for white count, but I had aranesp for red count several times. Results wer no change or minimal change.

Now I've been switched to Tarceva and hoping this will have some benefit.

Good luck.


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Kelly,I am wearing the Fentanyl patch now along with oxicodine for pain.I also had 80% of my airway blocked with recurrent cancer a couple years ago.They were able to do a laser surgery with a bronscopy right while they were doing the broncoscopy.It was minor outpatient surgery but I had other things done at the same time while I was in there.

You and mom hang in there as this is doable.

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