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LCSC Release RE: Melissa Zagon


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I’ve been a lung cancer patient advocate for over 4 years and our biggest

hurdle has always been the stigma and perception attached to those

diagnosed with this disease. Reading Melissa Zagon’s story changed that

misconception for so many people. Her story and seeing her in the media

advocate for lung cancer research made the public aware of what many of us

had been trying to do all along- educate the public that lung cancer does

not discriminate.

To lung cancer survivors, her story was hope filled and gave them the

inspiration to not just accept their disease quietly, but to use their

situations to bring about awareness and change.

Lung cancer is not simply a smoker’s disease and Melissa Zagon and others

like her who are diagnosed with lung cancer prove that. Melissa’s life

and story and struggle with lung cancer brought this issue home to those

who haven’t been personally touched by the disease. No one deserves lung cancer.

Melissa’s life and legacy shows us that lung cancer can affect us all.

All of us are at risk and that there is a desperate need to bring public attention to a disease

that currently receives so little.

Although I never met Melissa in person, the thousands of lives that she

touched and the legacy she leaves behind resonates loudly with me and the

members of the Lung Cancer Support Community.

Her passionate dedication will be missed. I am comforted that thru the

LUNGevity Foundation, the lung cancer community will be assured that her

legacy and work towards finding a cure for lung cancer will continue.

You can help. Please support LUNGevity and lung cancer research by donating to the Melissa Zagon Memorial fund.

https://secure.campagne-online.com/regi ... Pref=en-CA

Katie Brown, Director/Co-Founder

Lung Cancer Support Community, www.lchelp.org

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Donations for the Boston Walk sponsoring me have continued to come in. I have a whole letter with pages of research on women and lung cancer ready for my Mary Kay girl to hand deliever next week at their national sales meeting. And I am ALREADY making my plea for next year's Boston Walk. I am committed.

May the pendulum start to swing in OUR direction.


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