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Degree of uptake on PET scans

mary colleen

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There was a doctor on here that would answer questions and he would always say you have to look at the whole picture not just one number.

I think some studies have shown a "likelihood" of aggressiveness for high SUV. The key word is likelihood and were the studies done on the same type of cancer. Most are probably for adeno since I think it is now the most common

Squamous cell I have also read has better survival rates than adeno, so again, one number is not the whole picture.

I am not a Dr, but I dont know if Tarceva is that affective with Squamous. You might want to investigate photodynamic therapy and Alimta?

I would try to get 2nd opinions if possible.

Good luck.

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Thanks, John. I appreciate your response. I always notice how helpful you are to everyone with your research and information. I have done a lot of my own research on my question since last night - too much, probably killed some brain cells:) - and have learned some really interesting things. Looks like there MIGHT be a correlation, but that des not appear to be certain at this point. My husband finishes chemo next week, and has new scans on the 25th - I guess I had best focus my energies on believing that those will be clean. Thanks again.

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Hi Mary, Sounds like someone has the pre-test jitters? :) Me too. :)

I know lower SUV's usually mean the tumor will be less likely to respond to chemo. Higher SUV's are more likely to respond to chemo treatments.

It looks like your hubby is responding well to his chemo. Keeping my fingers crossed for good test next week.


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