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Getting to Know You - January 12


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We usually wait for the videos. We rented a movie last week and it had previews of "We Are Marshall" and it looked like it would be a good movie. It is the true story of a town that lost its entire football team in a plane crash (so if you're going with your husband it would be one he'd like). "Freedom Writers" and "Dream Girls" look good too. Let us know what you see and if it was any good.

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Ann i believe the last movie i saw was THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST and that was good. But i am very picky about which movie's i see as there is just to much sex and Violence and Political agenda's. So which would i go my self to see if i was going. That would be the ILLUTIONIST as it look's like it might be really good. Just my thought's......Larry

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The last movie we went to was "Eragon". I have a teenager and a husband, so chick flicks are out when it's full-price (I can watch 'em when they hit cable). There was no sex in the movie, just a boy and his dragon...lots of action. Not a perfect movie, but not quite the letdown of the second in the "Pirates" line...AND I got movie popcorn! Saw some good previews, can't remember the names of the coming shows, though...go figure!

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