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Could Have Been a Lot Worse


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Hi All,

I wanted to update some of you on Whole Brain Radiation and what I've gone through the last few weeks. I was really afraid of going through this, as I know a lot of us are. I had never hard anything good about having id done or going off the accompanying medications (especially decadon).

My actual treatments lased 2 minutesd. Start to finish was about 5 minutes. My biggest problem was that constant hungar plagued me all day long. I could not stop eating. It was insane. Eventually I just gave in and enjoyed my food. I guess in the last week I gained 8 pounds.

I had no sleep poblems that I know some have had. As far as the weight I know it will come off and I'm probably better of a little heavier.

I do feel great. No headaches,,,,which was my original problem.

Well, my job now is to keep on fighting. I go for lots of scans over the next two weeks. Brain, CT, etc. Hopefully WBR has done its job for me until something better comes along.

Wishing you all the very best in your own fights. It makes me so sad that so many of us need to be doing this.


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It is sounding pretty good, Joan. You know I have been rooting for you, and hearing that you feel well does my heart good. I will start up the prayers for more than good scans and will wait anxiously until you post. Weight is an issue that can be dealt with at some later date, right Joan? For now.......get yourself in as good a shape as you can as far as LC is concerned. I am 2 sizes larger than before all this started, BUT feel great and look healthy. That is what's important.

Love and very positive vibes coming north to you.


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Joanie you are such the trooper!!!! I was having a bad day and then I read your post, you put a big smile on my face! :D

I've seen my husband go thru WBR, and the first time he had it, his overall results were fantastic! I know you are going to have the same success.

You probably already know, but don't be suprised if you become really fatigued, I've told and still telling my husband do what your body tells you to do. Don't feel guilty if your too exhausted to do anything, just what you have been thru is beyond exhausting...

I'm so very happy for you!


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