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Father's update


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I wanted to update you on how my father is doing. The scans in December (after two cycles of Gemzar/Cisplatin) showed tumors stable and some fluff

gone. Considering father's bad reaction to Cisplatin, our doctor felt that we should proceed with Gemzar alone and add Avastin to it.

After one cycle of that father started to be SOB (never before) and his cough got worse. Yesterday (before the second cycle infussion of Gemzar) our doctor took an x-ray to check what's happening and the result was that the left lung tumor has shrunk some but that there were some new infiltrates coming out of the right lung tumor. The left tumor always looked like a very solid tumor, the right one always seemed foggy and fluffy.

Our oncologist suggested that perhaps the small progression on the right side (and he thinks that it is this progression that is responsible for father's new symptoms) can be treated with radiation. But the radiologist (my father is treated in a comprehensive cancer center) felt that the tumor needs first to shrink some. It is large but I do not know the exact size at the moment. In the end father's chemo was postponed for a week because he felt so miserable (he was never before SOB and feels very weakened and scared by it; crying a lot).

Our doctor seems to want to continue with the current chemo (Avastin was given only three weeks ago). We are thinking that perhaps we should add carboplatin to the mix: it has better side effects profile than cisplatin and my father's cough was always much better after the infussion of cisplatin so perhaps the platinum drugs are effective on the tumor in the right lung. Or should we just change chemo altogether ? Any comments on that would be welcomed.

On the top of everything, my father has difficulty getting the food down. Literally, he says it feels like it gets stuck somewhere along the way. Our doctor believes that this is also the result of the new infiltrates. We will try to get it checked early next week.


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I'm sorry your father is having such a difficult time. It's hard to suggest a treatment since your fathers doctors are most familiar with his situation. I do suggest that if he is not already on an antidepressant, ask for one. And the doctors need to be informed of his difficulty and find a way to improve his condidtion.


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