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introduction step-father IV lung cancer/adrenal cancer


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My step father was diagnosed with lung cancer in Jan 06. It was not operatable but he received chemo and radiation. The radiation burned his esphogus so badly that he was hospilized twice and has a feeding tube since he was unable to swallow food. He was told this would heal but it only healed enough for very soft foods. He lost 60 pounds now over the past year. He was starting to feel a bit better until this past Nov when the pain meds weren't doing as much (he is on 100MG patch every other day) The cancer spread to the adrenal gland which was causing the severe back pains he was getting. The gave him morphine to take on the really bad days and uped the time to take his patches. They want to start him on a new chemo called pemetrexed on Thursday. He is 6 ft and 142 pounds. They won't give any more radiation based on the esphogus issue. But we worry that this round of chemo is going to take him down so much. Has anyone had any experience with this type of chemo? I have read it usually is combine with another drug but this is not. They did give him a Vit b shot and a steroid shot and he looks the best he has in a long time today from it. Thanks!

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THIS DRUG IS ALSO ALIMTA, for everyone. WE have many who have had good luck with this chemo. My persoanl experience was cut short of trying this drug. Possibly by hours but can not help. Here is a little general info. Survival rates Median of course are up to 12 months according to numbers. If you believe in numbers.

The Most Common adverse reactions observed with use of Alimta are low white blood count, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, rash, and diarrhea. Patients and caregivers should be encouraged to report the onset of fever, chills, diarrhea, and mouth ulcers immediately, since these symptoms could be a sign of infection, resulting from bone marrow suppression by the drug. Orphan drugs are developed to treat rare diseases, that is, conditions that affect fewer than 200,000 people in the U.S. The Orphan Drug Act provides a seven-year period of exclusive marketing for the drug to the first sponsor who obtains marketing approval for a designated orphan drug.

Alimta will be distributed by Eli Lilly and Company, Indianapolis, Ind.

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I was on Alimta and found it to be an easy chemo. The only side effect I had was fatigue. Unfortunately, Alimta did not work for me, but it has been good for a number of people on the board.

By the way, I have been on morphine sulfate (MS-Contin) since I was diagnosed. I take 30 mg twice a day and I'm pain free. And once you are oon a regular dosage for pain, it's not like you are "drugged". You are just normal. If your Dad's pain medicationis not fully effective, request an alternative until you find one that will keep him pain free.

Best wishes.


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Hi Gina, welcome. I had alimta for 4 rounds. I had fatigue and shortness of breath, but it was not too bad. I had it as followup chemo after my tumor was zapped. I think it may have helped because for the first time ever, I have had no new disease after a year has passed.

Don M

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