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Tarceva miracle continues!


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Hi all,

I got the results of my scan this morning and everything is still stable. It has been 21 months for me on Tarceva now, amazing really. I know I am one of the lucky ones for sure. The rash is now in check with the antiobiotics I am taking, my hair is even making a slow attempt at regrowing, hilarious result that it is.

So, I am off to celebrate at the Gold Coast in Queensland for a week, then in February to Port Douglas. It should be relaxing and shark free I hope, unlike the beaches here lately.

I hope this news gives others hope, it truly is an amazing drug.


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Wow -- 21 months -- that's fantastic! A lot of our friends back on the U.S. mainland are probably asleep by now, but the night is still young here in Hawaii, so I can be the first to congratulate you! And I agree, after all you've gone through, don't take any chances with those sharks. Aloha,


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From one 21 monther to another!!!! WOOOOHOOOOO!!! I am so happy for you Shar. I definately know what you mean about that hair thing... Does it grow slow or what? Also, Have you found that you really don't need tweezers for your eyebrows. I can just pull mine out...I have to be careful with washing my face or I might end up with no brows or lashes...

Loving life and God Bless You!!!


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That’s great news. Have a great time and try to forget about cancer for a while. You are a few months ahead of me with the Tarceva. They are talking about taking me off it after 2 years. I am not sure they know why.

Again have a great time.

Stay energized, :)


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