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Hi All,

Mother-in-law has sclc, went through 30 Rad & 4 rounds of chemo. Chemo ended November 29th 2006 and we are awaiting the Cat Scan with barium which she will have on Jan 24th,2007, Now my questions are, Why would they be doing this Cat scan when a Pet scan would show all, Dr. Said that he will do Pet scan after this Cat scan. I just dont get it. Also she has been eating like a champ and getting around alot better within the last 2 weeks, I mean big improvment but she has a cough back that we havent heard in a long time, since Rad.. Her left Leg and whole arm are also swollen but Dr. said its due to the blood clots she has in her port which she is on coumadin for. She still has the port in, why is beyond me.

So here it is:

1- Why the Cat scan

2- why the sudden cough ( just like when Dig.)

3- Why is the port not coming out yet.

Anything would be helpful, thanks so much.


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Do not know how well i can answer your question's but will try.

As for the cat scan that will give the doctor a better idea of how well thing's went and trust me she will get them regurally. I was told that the pet scan which is quite a bit more strenious or more tiring and that is more than likely why he is waiting to give your Mother-in-law more time to rebuild her strenght.

As for the port i'm certain your doctor will want that to stay in untill she is through all this as believe me it beat's having the nurses search for a good vein each time, plus if she should need any blood transfusion's they will use the port.

This is a long tough battle so do not get to impatient and do not hesitate to ask your doctor question's as that is part of what your paying him for.I'm sure i did not help much but your at the right place to get it......

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Hi. I went through chemo ( last day 12/06/06) and 37 days of radiation (last day 12/13/06). I transfered to Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa and saw my doctor right away. He wanted to wait 4 to 6 weeks to give the radiation and chemo a chance to finish doing their thing before he took a CAT scan. Said he would get to much influmation if he went sooner. I go in on Friday 1/19/07. They are a great facilitiy and if they say CAT, I say CAT. And if they say wait 4 weeks, I say wait 4 weeks. Plus I'm glad for the repreive. I have a port also, which makes it real easy anywhere I go. I've read they keep them in up to a year after you finish treatment, just in case. It's not something you want to keep putting in and out. Just need to get it flush every few weeks. Email me if I can be of more help to you. Hugs, Liz

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