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Hope comes in many ways


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Hi All

I come to this site looking for answers and to find hope. Doing searches on the net can be quite scary. I don’t think anyone can give a time table for life. Each is different in their own special way.

I would like to share an example. My seventy-seven mother lives with my husband and me. On a trip to the grocery store she ran into an old friend from years ago. My mother proceeded to bring her up to date. The lady knew that my 52 year old brother passed away on March 18, 2002 from cancer of the throat. Mom told her that she was living with me and that I too had been diagnosed with cancer. She told her that my prognoses so far had been good. Then the lady surprised my mother by telling her that she had her whole lung removed ten years ago and that she is living a good life so far.

Now of course I asked my mother why they removed her lung and what type of treatment she had. My mother had not asked her any of these questions. Mom was so glad to hear that her friend was doing so well after ten years and counting. Hope comes to us in many ways. I know that this lady doesn’t belong to any wed site and I thought I would share her good news. I am sure that there are plenty more stories out there that are very uplifting. :)

GOD Bless


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I think it's wonderful you heard from your mom's friend. It is stories like that that carried me through after my surgery. I heard from friends of friends - different stories of folks who I didn't know but wanted to share hope. So very important. Thank you for sharing this with us!

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