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Wayne Gretzky

j's girl

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Gretzky's Mom died of lung cancer in either late 05 or 06. I'm looking for an email address of some sort so we can try to contact him. He's now head coach for the Phoenix Coyotes. He does lots for hockey charities, and Ronald McDonald House. Maybe lc would be a cause he'd look at advocating for.

If anyone else comes up with an email address, please post it.


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Real quick. this was the closest I could get for a contact link.

1) http://www.grabow.biz/Celebrities/Wayne-Gretzky.htm

2) http://www.phoenixcoyotes.com/team/contact_us.php

Second is team link thru website for community relations. Best I could think of quickly.

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Hmmm...didn't know that. I will certainly jump on this bandwagon. Here in AZ, we have very little support for the cause (as I sadly discovered last Nov. :? ) Surprisingly, even with Mayo Clinic in the area, as well as some other fairly comprehensive cancer centers, we have NO real support/advocacy groups for LC, here in the Phoenix area. The only LC resources in the state are out of UofA in Tucson... :roll:

Thanks for the info. Let me see what I can do...

Yours in HOPE!


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