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Neucrosis ... Dead Cancer Cell


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Hi Everyone - I just had a quick question regarding the term neucrosis. My mom had a biopsy done on the lymph node area in her chest and what came back was titled neucrosis, which - according to the doctor, means a dead cancer cell.

I was wondering if anyone had any insight/experience with neucrosis or any additional information on what it exactly means. Is it a positive term in regards to cancer? Has anybody ever had a biopsy done and neucrosis came back in the diagnosis? Just curious.

My mom is on her 2nd round of chemotherapy and is waiting for a CT scan in three weeks. The BIG DAY.... She is handeling the chemo very very well, and has been continuing her "normal" routine. Just a quick update :)

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Hi Kristy,

This is good news indeed. Necrotic is a general medical term for very dead tissue. Lymph nodes are little nets or filters that catch loose cells, such as would break away from a tumor. To have lymph nodes full of necrotic tissue or cell debris, (with no apparent sign of cancer or they'd have said so) shows that the chemo is very effective, as the cells the nodes are catching are dead dead dead :D !!

Enjoy the good news,



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