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C/T Scan Results

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Got husband's newest C/T results today. This scan was done on 1/2/07. Oncologist says everything looks excellent. He did say that it's hard to tell tumor from scar tissue from radiation and will be able to tell more on another scan he will have done after two more cycles of chemo. This will make a total of 6 cycles. He feels much better the last couple of days than he did last week and week-end. The Dr. said that's probably from the Decadron he takes before during and after chemo (making him feel better). He has coughed up some blood and the tightness/pain he is experiencing is from radation according to the Dr. and to be expected. Dr. said if it were 3 months down the road then he would be concerned about the blood and also said the radiation will continue to work on him. We are suppose to call back on Friday if my husband is still feeling or starting to feel really bad again as he may have him take his Decadron for a couple weeks straight instead of 2 before, 2 day of and 2 day after. Keeping fingers crossed that all continues to go well. How he is feeling is just so unpredictable. One day feels fine the next awful. Makes us appreciate the good days.

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