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Can your Dad be your soulmate?


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Or is that just too weird?

I have had many relationships and I think I like my Dad the best. If I had to pick one person to spend eternity with it would be him. My fifteen year old daughter would probably not want to spend an infinite amount of time with me.

My intelligience continues to diminish the smarter she gets. I'm now a borderline retard. If you had to choose one person to spend eternity with, who would it be?

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LOL - I agree with Don. I'm ashamed of how I treated my mother as I fumbled through my teen years. I truly began to appreciate her and ASK her advice when I was out on my own and after I had my own little guy.

And for me, I'd prefer my mother's father. Kindest man I ever knew, just a peaceful soul. I'm sure I'll meet him again one day, I just hope it's not real soon...

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I think most definitely. My father passed away when I was 16 and I have never had another person truly understand me and have the conversations my dad and I had about views, life, ourself, one another. Even as a small child we just always connected in a deeper level. Nothing weird so please don’t think anything of that sort. But the amount i learned from how we learned from each other and accepted each other has taught me so much and I agree with you if I could choose one person to spend eternity I think it would be my father. Kindest,most accepting  soul I have ever met. 

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