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Run For LUNGevity


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On January 21st I will enter a half marathon in Naples Florida. I am trying to get some good publicity and maybe raise a little money for Lungevity Foundation. Here is a pledge form that I have given to friends. If you feel inclined copy and paste it and send your donation to LUNGevity.

Stay positive, :)



On January 21 I am running in the Naples half marathon. 18 months ago I was diagnosed with stage IIIb/IV lung cancer. I want to raise money for the LUNGevity Foundation. This is one of the few foundations that all the money goes to lung cancer research. For every dollar given to LUNGevity They can guarantee that at least $1.25 will go to lung cancer research. Since I will turn 70 in March I don’t expect to set any records, just finish. Please make your pledge below

I would like to sponsor Ernie Puckett in the Naples Half Marathon on January 21, 2005. I pledge to give ___$5 ___$10 ___$20 ___$50 ___$100 ___Other $________ for each mile of the marathon. For a total of $____________(pledge X 13 miles)



City ______________________________


Checks should be maid out to: Llungevity Foundation

You may send your donation to me and I will forward it or direct to Lungevity Foundation.

Ernie Puckett

540 Regatta Road

Naples, FL 34103


Lungevity Foundation

2421 N. Ashland Avenue

Chicago, IL 60614

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LUNGevity will set up a donation page for you and then your contributors can donate online. You can then send the link to everyone in your address book and ask them to forward it to everyone in their address book. Plus, if you get publicity you can reference your link on LUNGevity. Call and ask for Cate at LUNGevity. Let me know if you need any help. Here is an example of what I am talking about-- this is mine from the Boston Walk:

https://secure.campagne-online.com/regi ... ionID=8856

Let me know if you get one set up-- I'd love to donate to it. Good luck!

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Thanks, I did contact Cate a couple of weeks ago. I think it is a little late since the race is Sunday. There may be a chance for some publicity, but it all depends on the guy that writes the article. Will let everyone know. The local paper did come and take photos of me training. Will have to see what they write.

Stay positive. :)


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You go Ernie!!!

Yours was the first story I read when My Mom was diagnosed (on Lance's site, I think) and were the glimmer of hope I needed to be strong for her.

I can't wait to tell here you're running a 1/2 marathon - she'll be psyched!!

Run well!!


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Hi Ernie,

As I've said to you in my PMs, you are an inspiration. I often use you as a positive example when Bill and I are discussing things, or even with other family members and friends. I always refer to you as, "my friend Ernie from the message board..."! :wink:

Perhaps you can post the time of your run so we can collectively say a prayer and/or think of you as you're blowing them all away!

Keep going strong!

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