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Suki's great LC update - UPDATED with baby stuff, by request


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Hi all! I wanted to pop in and give everyone a little hope injection.

My mama Suki's 6-month scans were clear and beautiful!! The report notes a couple inflamed 'nodes' that have really always been there so it doesn't actually say "NED"...but I like to think of it as my Uncle NED in drag. 8) So mom is 18 months cancer free and a 6+ year survivor of stage II/IIIb lung cancer. What a miracle!!!!

Her Tarceva rash comes and goes, but she finds it bearable (she takes 75mg daily) and she has no other side effects from it. She recently started a new job to supplement her self-employed income and she feels more invigorated than ever!! Suki the One-lung Wonder, indeed!

The doctor said he'd see her in 6 months, and if that scan is clear she'll go on the once-a-year plan, which she is thrilled about. Thinking about scheduling her next appointment around the July 13 due date of her first grandchild produced many grandma-to-be giggles and squeals. :wink:



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