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beat it

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OK, I havent got thru yet to the Onc. I always turn here first when thats the case.

Fourth round of chemo postphoned ( second week in a row) MIL is told its the platelets, I am told it's her hemoglobin level. Chemo could cause internal bleeding.............she has lost so much weight, seems like some spirit has pulled out of her. I know its how this goes................

Any insight?

CANCER is the most wicked violent rollercoaster ride there ever is or will be. and it SUCKS!!!!

Beat it!! :cry:

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They may go hand in hand. Mom's hemoglobin and platelets crashed with her last round of chemo, and she was in the hospital for two weeks. She received a couple of units of blood and several bags of platelets. It was scary--she would bleed from her nose, osteomy, etc. in large quantities. Definately NOT something you want to mess with!

I hope things perk up for her soon.

:) Kelly

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I totally understand how it does suck! Chemo depletes ones systems so much, it's a constant balancing act between, keeping up w/any chemo treatment and not wiping out someone totally.

I know w/ my husbands' treatment there were weeks that he had to wait because of his terrible blood counts. With the platelets there was nothing the dr. could give, he told us the "artifical" platelets were not good, so it was just a matter of time. I would tell your MIL to try to eat as healthy as she can, especially foods like beef liver and greens, they are full of vitamin K and that can naturally help her platelets. You may want to run it by her onc. first, because I don't know the specifics about your MIL.

She will be fine, unfortunately it usually is a wait and see kind of thing....


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