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Duke of Earl - So far so good

Guest ginnyde

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Dear Friends,

Earl had an MRI and a CT scan last week. Met with the neurosurgeon today and the Duke continues to be the Chairman of the Board of the 'Empty Headed' club. We were both nervous because his dizziness and equilibrium seem worse although his concentration and memory seem better.

Doctor said, between the brain tumor and seizure, his surgery, the brain radiation and the chemo he may have damaged nerve endings that are causing the dizzy etc. He said it may improve or he will just learn to compensate. He said 'Hey Earl, you walk like a man after 3 beers'

We don't get the results of the CT scan until 10/9.

But today was good news and Earl passed his one year anniversary on 9/21/03.

Here's hoping good news for all of us.


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Ginny, so glad to see your post about "the Duke" in the good news forum, and it certainly belongs here!!! Just wanted to say that I'm glad for the good report-and hope to see you post here again after you get the CT results-until then "a toast-to a clear head and a happy anniversary- (CLINK) :wink: CHEERS!!!"

Take care, Deb

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Ginny and Duke, that really is AWESOME NEWS!! I am so very happy to hear this great news! I'll still keep my fingers and toes crossed for 10/9 results, but I'm going to remain positive that the Duke will pass this test as well with flying colors. WAY TO GO EARL!!!! :wink::lol::):D:D

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