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Getting to know you - January 18


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I would much rather throw on my jeans and sneakers and have a nice comfy dinner at a small place where the food is good. Like Rich, I really do like diners and small resturants that serve "down home" cooking. We have a couple of really good ones in my area. My favorite is a tiny little place called "Fred and Ethels."

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Ok, I'm in the middle. I like to get semi dressed, good slacks and sweater type, and go to good restaurants. Every once and awhile I like to get really dressed and blow the wad.

Earl loved very good, very expensive restaurants. Whenever we traveled we always found the best restaurant in that city and enjoyed every minute of it.

But, since I don't cook and the only reason I have a kitchen is because it came with the house, I will eat out anywhere, anytime. Exception, I was starving on Monday am and got an Egg McMuffin, it cured me not to have another one for years, it was horrible.

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I used to LOVE getting all gussied up and going fancy :lol: . Moved on to casual corner beer/beef joints. But believe it or not.......now I prefer to stay home! Just love being here. Some days it seems there's not much in the pantry and Fred will suggest going out somewhere. Seems we can always find SOMETHING to rustle up here! Pathetic, huh :? ?


PS: Of course now with the 2 LCSC cookbooks why does anyone go anywhere, huh????

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I don't enjoy the bill generally, but would rather go out to a nice resturant...it's a chance for Keri and I to actually sit and talk, usually aren't getting rushed out of the place...and just serves as a nice buffer between the chaos of work and the maintainence of home.

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Like Rich we go to Diners alot, so we dress with whatever we are wearing at the time.

Talk about becoming old cronies, we have started going to (don't tell anybody now) early bird specials. :shock:

But I do enjoy going out once in a while to a fancy place and getting dressed up. But just once in a while.

I also like just dressing casual. But mostly just jeans and sweats.

Maryanne :wink:

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