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Connie B

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Hi Friends,

I know that a few of us have developed heart problems since we did our chemo's & rad treatments.

I just received a News Letter from Mayo Clinic in Rochester MN, being that is where my last heart surgery was done.

Mayo has a Women's Heart Clinic. (sorry guys), but I'm sure you boys can also fine out some info. with the websites I will share.

I just wanted to share this Women's Heart Website.


Also you can go to www.Mayoclinic.com

Best wishes to all.

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Just thought I would give a little update on my SOB issues. I thought I did that, but things have been just a little crazy here.

As for my SOB, they say it's because of all the surgeries I have been through. Having had my lung removed and going through 3 open heart surgeries has cause me some life time side effects. Not to mention the chemo and radiation I had 11+ years ago.

They feel having gone through all that I have been through is the reason for the SOB and it's just something I will have to live with.

Not the best news, but not the worst. They did say it's not life threatening. This dx.s came from my Pulm Doc and my new Card Doc. They had a meeting of the minds and tried to put two and two together, and this is what they came up with.

Ry, I hope that website will be helpful to your friend. We need all the help we can get these days.


In short, I am doing better and slowly getting back on track. (HOPEFULLY)!

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