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I had a ct today and I am very thankful to say that everything is still looking good!!! WHEW!!!

The funny thing that happened was I got to meet with a new inturn first and then my onc. To make a long story short I told the intern about the staph infection on my scalp caused from tarceva. He stated this was a side effect. I said, "Oh Yes I know" and "I also wanted to let you know that the dermatologist gave me antibiotics to put in my nose because you can carry the infection in your nose and that's why it's hard to get rid of it'. You keep passing it round. I told Dr. Raza not to worry that I promised I won't be picking my nose... My hubby said the doc turned beat red...poor inturn...I told my hubby it wasn't as bad as what my mom did after her colonoscopy. He said what was that.. I told him that the nurse told her that before she could leave and go home she had to pass gas...my mom responded by saying...."do you have to hear it or will you believe me?""" That's a redneck for you!!!



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