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Update on Mom


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We met with the doctor today to find out the results of her PET scan. The scan shows no evidence of disease in the three lymph nodes that showed up in her original diagnosis along with a second mass either at the bottom of her right lung or on the outside. But it did show that her main mass, top right lung, grew slightly since November. Her next form of treatment will be daily radiation for the next six weeks and carboplatin and taxol every Friday. I know these next weeks will be difficult.

I'm am very excited about the parts that disappeared, but I am upset about the mass. The fact that it grows means it's still an actively aggressive cancer. I was just hoping that it wouldn't have gotten bigger.

I would be interested in hearing about your experiences with chemo and radiation. It's kind of nerve racking to start a new form of treatment. We're just not sure what to expect.

My mom plans to contine to work full time through all of this... I admire her strength and will power!

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I had the same treatment plan with radiation 5x and taxol/carbo 1x a week. I did fine with the chemo just a little tired and joints hurt a little. I did with radiation for a couple of weeks but since they hit over my esophagus it stopped me from eating and almost drinking. So it just depends on where they will be hitting her at with the radiation. I wish your mom luck with her new treatment plan.

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I also did the same treatments and just like Heather, the radiation was over the esophagus so that was painful and made if difficult to eat. Other than that, I had some joint pain and became anemic which made me very tired. I received arensp shots for the anemia which helped with the tiredness. They gave me drugs with my chemo to prevent nauseousnes and it seemed to work pretty well. I did have hiccups the day after chemo but they alwasy went away after the first day. My hair didn't fall out during the first 8 week sessions but it did when they added more chemo a month later. I also developed neuropathy in my feet during the consolidation chemo (which I still have today). Let me know if you have any questions.

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I had that treatment before my surgery in July, 2005. The chemo (carboplatinum/taxol) was not so bad. I did not lose my hair, have pain nor was I sick to the stomach. I had weekly chemo concurrent with daily radiation. I think when you have them concurrently they give you a lower dose of chemo. My treatment was very successful and I was able to have surgery to remove what was left of the tumor. After surgery I had two more sessions of chemo which was kind of rough. I went bald and was in pain. I have had clean scans since my surgery. I am very grateful to God my family and friends and to this website.


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