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A Little Better Today


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I am doing a little better today. Classes started this we and although i have a terrible cold, its has made me feel better to keep busy. Recently, a lot of things, songs on tv and the radio, have reminded me of losing my Mom and make me feel really bad and upset. But today i woke up and turned on CMT and heard a song that i dont think i have ever heard before, Tim McGraw's "Fly Away". For some reason the chorus of the song reminded me of my Mom and really comforted me. It goes

1,2,3 like a bird i sing,

Cause you've given me the most beautiful set of wings.

And I'm so glad that you're here today,

Cause tomorrow i might have to go and fly away.

The song spoke to me in a few ways. First, I have been beating myself up about moving away from my Mom in August. But I know my Mom was really proud and excited for me to move away from the family, grow up, and go to college. The song helped me realize that i was able to do this BECAUSE of my Mom...she gave me "wings" so i could "fly away". It also helped me feel better about missing so much time with her. I am getting better at being happy that she was "here today" and now it is her turn to "fly away". I don't know if any of this make sense to anyone else, but i just wanted to share. Usually, the songs I hear are sad, but this one was uplifting.


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Hi Rochelle,

Nice to see that pretty picture of you. Sometimes things just happens for reasons. That song was certainly meant for you to hear it. Your interpertation or it was right on.

Your mom was sooooo proud of you. You were such a wonderful daughter.

Holding you strong in my heart.

Maryanne :wink:

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Rochelle, your interetation of the song makes TOTAL sense to me. I don't think I've heard it. Might have to download it.

It's not easy. I know. Some of the things you wrote are similar to the way I've been feeling lately and my Mom's been gone for nearly 5 months.

I think you are a very wise and mature young lady. I am positive your Mom is very proud of you.

Take care,


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