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Thank you for prayers- Final Update


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Thank you all for the prayers, please know that my mom still needs them desperately.

I am logged in from another computer here while my mom rests in her room. She is not getting better,comatos except for slight movement, heart rate elevates when I speak to her, have seen her grimace when she hears me cry, reach out when she hears a voice, squeeze a hand that is holding hers.....she is worse than previous days, not getting better but not declining just yet. People are swarming around me with statements like "removing life sustaining measures" or "hospice" or "funeral arrangements"....

Am I wrong or is this completly out of line? Her arrangements were made when my dad's were...so that was done long ago....

Removing life sustaining measures= Starving someone of food and steriods that reduce her brain swelling? To a daughter who loves her mother that just sounds cruel and murderous.....

she breathes ON HER own....she lives, she hears and she feels. There's already a DNR- leave her alone and let God and her decide whether to fight or go in peace.

The small chance that she could come out of this if her brain swelling decreases and the brain begins to heal by absorbing the bleed.....is priceless....

Prepared intellectually for the worst....hoping with every ounce of my body for the best.....

We sit around begging her in our hearts to get better, while waiting around to become orphans......


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If you feel it's too soon, it's too soon. If there's still a chance, it's too soon.

Hang in there, either way has its heartbreak and it definitely has to go one way or the other. May you be able to keep her just a while longer...


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Dear Katie,

I'm keeping you, your mom and your family in my thoughts and prayers. I'm praying that God does what is best for your dear mom.. I'm sorry that you have to endure all this pain, I know how heartbreaking this is for you and I do think whoever is talking about funeral arrangements is out of line, I believe in miracles..If I can help I'm here my friend.


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Katie--Just as you never failed to do your best for your Daddy, I know you will do the best thing for your Mom. And yes, if it was me, and she was still responding to my being there.... still showing me that SHE was still in there, I would think people were way out of line. You do what feels right to you, and tell the other people to F*** off. (Ok... so that was a MY mama inspired moment.)

My prayers haven't stopped and won't for your Mom, and you, and your whole family. Just know that all of us here are standing with you....



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