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My big day


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Just have to tell you all about my birthday.

On Friday last I spent the day readying the house for guests, daughter, S-I-L and his parents. The parents were the first to arrive and then the other two.

The first thing my daughter asked was if I'd received my gift, no but there's still time for the UPS guy.....then the door bell rings and standing there is my sister telling me she hand delivering my birthday card!!!!!!!!!!! How did you get here I kept asking, who brought you (we live outside of town and she doesn't drive). I stood there with my mouth open for about 10 minutes, speechless - for those who know me you know what a shock it must have been to silence me.

She had flown in the day before from England and stayed at Karen's, when they drove up our road they dropped her off and she walked the last bit so as not to spoil the surprise. Everyone knew about it except me and Richard, even my friend in Canada who we are visiting next week was in on it.

If I say that this is the best birthday I've ever had I would not be exagerating, my sister coming was the icing on the cake. Saturday's dinner was lovely, my whole family and the friends who had supported before, during and after my dx were all in the same room celebrating.

Last week I had good test results and a wonderful birthday, today I'm going to Boston for our first walk meeting and then I'm off to Toronto with a friend, and now my sister too, for the rest of this week. What more could I ask for except a hall pass please Ry, I'll be home on Saturday.

Thanks to everyone here for your good wishes, you were the only part of my family not present for Saturdays dinner.


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What a terific surprise, Geri! I bet your birthday was so packed full of love and emotion that it will remain with you for a long, long time. I was celebrating with you. Did you 'feel' me there? Have a wonderful week ~ and may the good times roll!



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