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Getting to Know You - January 22


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As many of you know, I was adopted at birth and have always considered my adoptive parents as my "real" mom and dad. Although, of course, I don't look like them, I have so very many of their traits and my personality is so much like my both of theirs. I often have my moms "fly off the handle" temper but also have my dads ability to listen carefully and act with reason. I am so glad that I am like them, although I look like my biological mom and dad.

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A friend I hadn't seen for many years saw me recently and told me that the older I've gotten ~ the more I look like my mother. WOW.......what a compliment. I think I got my very soft heart from Mother......my tenacity from Dad.......however I think when it is found in females it is called something different :? !


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I was alway's told they could tell who my Father was from the way i Walked. But my Dad was only 5'6" and i'm 6ft but we do look alike. Plus he was quite a talker and so am i,and to think i was not raised by him.The big difference between us is he was married mucho time's and i was only once...

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