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Mom's Diagnosis


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In my Intro. I accidently wrote that she was diagnosed in Oct. 2005 - It was 2004. She has had verious brain tumors that she had removed with the gamma knife and has had radiation treatment on her back, hips, and chest. The last time she had radiation was around Christmas time which was making her nausious along with the chemo. This is when she stopped eating and started sleeping most of the time. The doctors are telling us that they have gone through almost all of the chemo's and they are afraid of trying too many trial drugs for fear of a stroke. That is because she had the gamma knife 3 or 4 times and the large tumor in her lung is wrapped around an artery. Right now in the Rehab home, she gets PT for 15 minutes each day. She is on Oxycodone (not sure of spelling) for pain, vikadin (again not sure of spelling) for pain, and marinol for appetite. I believe that she gets 2mg of oxycodone in the morning and 2mg at night. During the day she gets vikadin for any breakthrough pain and takes marinol 3x per day to help her appetite. She is still not eating very much though. We do have a meeting with hospice tomorrow afternoon to see what they think our options are. I tried to update my profile as best as I could but don't have an actual timeline. I will try to get more in the coming days.

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Hi Mindy: Welcome. I just introduced myself yesterday and the members here have given me a wonderful welcome. This is a terrific site with great resources. Although I cannot give you any input for your Mom, I'm sure there are members here who "have been there, done that, got the T shirt". We will pray for you & Mom. Keep the faith. God Bless.......Wendy

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