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Final biopsy of mediastinum, 6 different types of cancer cells found, small cell, oat cell, large cell, adenocarcinoma, squamous and neuro endocinoma. Small cell and oat cell treatable with chemo, others by radiation only one problem due to area heart valves and heart radiation not an option. When I left Dr's office was looking at approx. 30 chemo treatments due to not being able to radiate the area, 1 hour later Dr calls and I qualify for cyberknife radiation. GREAT NEWS. Now things are looking up or so I feel. Need info on anyone that has had cyberknife, how many treatments did you have and did you have any side effects ? I assume chemo comes after cyberknife. Cancer no where else just this one mass in mediastinum right now Im feeling pretty positive about things. I go Thurs. for consult with onc. where cyberknife will be done. Im starting a plan of action which is a good feeling. I never knew you could have several different types of cancer in one area. Dr very positive about things which makes me positive.

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Wow! Probably not what you expected to hear. Sounds like you have a great doctor and I am glad you have a strong treatment plan. Sorry that I don't know anything about cyberknife but many here have undergone it and I am sure they will respond.

I wish you much success with treatment.


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