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Well, I got my scan results today. The doctor said there hasn't been any change since my first scan in September. He can't say whether I still have active cancer or if it is scar tissue that is showing up. He said there hasn't been any new growth in the lungs or activity at the primary site. He's calling me stable and having me back in 2 months for another scan. I asked him a thousand questions and he was very good about answering them. He said he would never call me NED or in remission, because NED is only as good as the latest technology. He doesn't want me to put the chemo toxions in my body if I don't need to, so thats why he wants to watch it. He can't tell me if its cancer without opening me up and he says it's not worth the risk of surgery. In fact, he was hard pressed to say if he would ever recommend surgery, because of the risks. He is a lung cancer specialist from the Moffitt center, so I have to trust that he knows what he's doing. I'm just a little apprehensive about the sit and wait approach. Though I know I could find a doctor to load me up with chemo again or cut me up again, but hell, the treatment almost killed me last time. Guess I'll wait and see. Any thoughts?

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