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Ah, I don't like to hear that I will be more sad! That is no good! The problem here is that our video stores are always out of them...so we are a bit behind.

In fact, I have to take the 4th DVD back today, so we can get the 5th in the series...gotta feed the addiction you know!

Odd...I never liked Sutherland before 24. He always seemed so spooky to me!

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But if they ever write Chloe out of the script like they did poor Edgar, I'm outta there!

Last year I saw an interview with the actress (I forget her name) who plays Chloe. She seems a natural for the part, but admitted she's a complete novice at computers and it takes a great deal of effort to learn all those fast-paced high-tech lines that are a mainstay of Chloe's role.



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Bill! You are too mean...once just doesn't do this with 24! haha!

Ned, I too love Chloe. The first time I ever saw her on the show I thought, "What a fruitcake!" but she has really been awesome throughout! We constantly laugh about her personality quirks! Love her! Where are you in the series?


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I can't read any more posts here as I have not seen the 5th season yet. I am waiting for it to come out at blockbuster. I like it better that way as it has 4 hours on one dvd and no commercials. So I don't have to wait till next week to see what happens, but I do have to get the next DVD to continue with the next 4 hours.

Anyway, I do not want to know anything as I like surprises. So this post to me is finished :roll: sadly,

See ya,


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