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I posted in activism...but need more traffic

Nick C

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Hey all,

I am going to Hartford to appeal for a statewide screening program for lung cancer. Hoping if CT does it other states will follow suit. There is also a secondary bill for awareness...either will be a step in the right direction.

The Lung Cancer Alliance needed a co-sponsor in the state legislature and wrote Keri to help. Keri in turn found a co-sponsor for the bill (she's good).

So if someone out here feels that screening has saved them or a loved one, please let me know your experience. If someone found their LC by accident from a CT screen of something else and in turn had an early detection, please PM me your story or post it right here.

I don't want to be the emotional guy talking because he lost his Mom. I want to champion the cause for those who are still alive and fighting, and for those who don't even know they are sick. I feel like I am more likely to make an impact that way and show this isn't about me.

Please either PM me or post here.


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Hey Nick,

I wish I was a person of action but I'm not. Thank goodness some poeple are otherwise we'd all be up the creek without a paddle.

I don't fall into the early detection category, and I suspect early detection will always elude those few like me who avoid medical facilities like the plague.

Keep up the great work.


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Mom was not an early detetion person either...and boy was she po'ed about it...and frankly so am I...but rather than go beat the heavy bag in the basement...

Any statement even if it isn't about your own early detection, but something you would say to a state senate on the topic would be appreciated.

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My dad was detection by accident.

June 2006 he had a routine chest xray, they said it was negative (looking back, it wasn't, there was a spot).

August 2006 he saw a news feature on a nonsurgical procedure for enlarged prostrate. Part of workup invovled an abdominal ct-scan to look at kidneys. The abdominal ct-scan showed part of the lung base and the roller coaster ride began.

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Hi Nick: my husband's cancer was detected on a routine xray. He was age 69 and a long time smoker with no symptoms. If a screening CT had been available earlier, it probably would have been found at a much earlier stage intead of the stage 111a. Screening CT's should be vital, given the number of lung cancers that are detected annually regardless of whether one is a smoker or not. Screenings for colon cancer, breast cancer and prostate cancer have allowed all these cancers to be detected at an early stage when they are most treatable. Since lung cancer mortality is still so high, it is an outrage that there should even be a question as to whether to screen or not.

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Hi Nick

I first was diagnosed with a suspicious spot on my right lung in March of 2005. I had a respiratory infection and had gone to the ER in February for chest x-rays thinking maybe I had pneumonia. In April of 2005 I had a CT and it revealed a mass of 3.6cm. In May my pulmonary doctor did a bronchoscopy, which came up negative for cancer cells. The problem with this procedure was that my doctor could not brush the area in which the tumor was located. His next step was to do a needle biopsy. He then requested another CT scan, which my insurance denied. We had to challenge our insurance and I asked the question if they had doctors that were willing to diagnose me I would like to know their names. My doctor also sent a letter to our insurance stating that he had advised me to seek legal council.

My husband and I had decided to go ahead and pay out of pocket for the CT scan. The hospital had previously billed the insurance $1700. In July of 2005 I was granted authorization from Anthem to receive another CT scan. On August 3, 2005 I was told that the tumor had grown to 4.2 cm and I needed to have my right upper lobe remove. I then would put in touch with my thoracic surgeon who scheduled me for surgery on the 1st of September. This allowed me to finish up classes I was taking to become a medical assistant. This surgery was done by the spreading of the ribs. The upper right lobe was removed along with the removal of one nodule on the lower right lobe that had been there for at least 7 years with no growth. I was very blessed that my cancer was type 1B squamous was primary and had not involved the lymph nodes.

After the surgery both my pulmonary and thoracic surgeon agreed that no other treatment was needed at this time. I had completed the courses I had taken to become a medical assistant on August 22, 2005 with perfect attendance. My recovery went better than I had expected. After about 10 weeks from the time of my surgery I went on to complete my six weeks externship. It was during this time that I discovered this site and LCA and did I ever have QUESTIONS. I also started a journal to help me reflect on my progress. I wrote very often in the beginning of keeping this journal and now weeks and even months go by before I make any entries.

My pulmonary doctor is going to follow me for the next five years. So far all of my x-rays and CT scans have been good. I thank GOD, prayers, good friends, a wonderful family, and great doctors for my being here today. I believe that GOD was looking out for me when I went to that ER in February of 2005.

GOD Bless

Mary Ann

Mary Ann (59)

Dx Aug. 3,2005

IB NSCLC Squamous

9/1/05 removed upper right lobe & lymph nodes Lymphs negative for cancer cells

No treatment at this time

X-ray in Oct. 05 Clear

X-ray and CT scan in Dec. 05 Clean

X-ray and CT scan March 06 Clean

X-ray and CT scan June 12,06 NED

X-ray Sept. 8 ,06Clean

MRI of Brain Nov. 20,06 Clean

X-Ray and CT scan Dec. 4, 06 NED

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Unfortunately my brother did not have early detection. I believe he started having symptoms over a year before he was diagnosed. We had a family vacation at the beach - he was always a jogger but that summer wasn't jogging anymore because he was too winded. Because he had no risk factors (never smoked, worked in an office), I believe his symptoms were never taken seriously until it was Stage IV, even an xray taken before he was diagnosed did not show the cancer though undoubtedly it was there. Better screening, go for it. . .

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My husband's tumor showed up on a pre-op x-ray to have a hernia fixed (which he still has and wants to keep as a good luck charm). That was the end of June 2006. He had reaccuring bronchitis that spring and his pcp knew about his 30+year smoking history and did not suggest a chest x-ray. His last prior x-ray had been late in 2003. We feel that an annual chest x-ray would have shown his mass sooner and might have prevented lymph node involvement. By the time it was discovered, it was 10 cm.

Good luck and thanks for being an activist.


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Hi neighbor!

I was very fortunate 6+ years ago...after nursing a cough that wouldn't go away, feeling winded while walking up little hills and having really bad night sweats 24-7, I coughed up a clump of blood.

Went to the ER that evening (you shouldn't cough up a clump of blood), had an xray and was sent home telling me I was fine. The next morning,an attending radiologist called and told me they saw a tiny spot hiding under one of my left lower ribs. Surgery followed: Stage 1 NSCLC. I am truly fortunate and blessed that they found it by xray.


If I can help in any way, let me know.

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