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Results of CT Scan


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Hi everyone! I’ve been away from the list for a while again, due to my office moving locations, packing, unpacking, learning new computer systems, etc. I haven’t had a chance yet to catch up on the board and I pray for good news for us.

But I did want to let everyone know, and hopefully offer some encouragement, that my latest round of CT scans that I had done 3 weeks ago came back No Evidence of Disease still! The nodules they have been watching for 3 years are still unchanged, so they weren’t even mentioned in the report. My onc said they probably didn’t mention it cause by now they assume it’s scar tissue, since there has not been any change in all this time. I can only assume they are right (but part of me still worries).

Now, my oncologist suggested next time to get CT scan without contrast. He told me the contrast doesn’t make any difference when scanning the lungs. He said the contrast is only valuable when checking areas around the lungs, and since it’s just my lungs at this point they are looking at (no longer looking for a recurrence, but for new primary, just in case) he said there is no need for the contrast.

Does anyone have any opinions on this? This is the first time I heard that the contrast in the CT with contrast is ineffective for lungs.

I will cross-post in Good News also.

Thanks and blessing to all.

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Alisa, I am glad to hear about your NED. I had always thought that the contrast showed more detail in the lungs. I guess the ct scan without contrast would pick up on a definite nodule, but maybe would not show all the little stuff that is sub centimeter in size..just guessing.

Don m

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Great news. I don't think contrast is necessary based on the links below.

One article says contrast can help determine benign nodules from malignant, but since there are no nodules now, contrast is not necessary.

contrast I don't *think* will necessarily show anything smaller, a different scan like a spiral will show smaller nodules.

http://radiology.rsnajnls.org/cgi/conte ... t/212/1/56


http://www.webtie.org/sots/Meetings/Lun ... script.htm

DR. PATZ: They are wrong -- I did the study. I wrote the study showing that it makes no difference, contrast versus no contrast. I told them that. And there are no other scientific studies whatsoever out there. If anybody has got any other data, I would be glad to look at it and see it, but I can tell you that the only study, particularly in lung cancer, looking at staging management. It made no difference, contrast versus non-contrast. I don't know why they did it.

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Encouraging news for sure, Alisa. Seems like you have made your way out of the forest......finally. And it sounds all good to me!

If you and Joan are doing lunch......give me a heads up beforehand. I'd love that too. Keep doing what you're doing, Alisa, among other thing.....encouraging many of us here.


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GREAT NEWS, Alisa!!! :D:D:D:D:D

I have my scans withOUT contrast - I'm allergic. I was told that the contrast will help define vascular structures, and is optimal for visualizing the spleen/adrenals/kidneys, etc. Sometimes, the contrast can obscure calcification - I think that is partly why they take a scan w/o prior to the contrast. Densitometry, which is used to measure the density, and look for calcification, fat, etc. in a nodule can only be performed without contrast. Sometimes, they might look for post-contrast enhancement of a nodule - if it enhances >20 hounsfield (sp?) units after contrast, it is more likely malignant. But this same info could be obtained thru PET. Or, if (and I mean IF :wink: ) they find another li'l booger in there, they can perform a contrast scan at that time.

CT without contrast will still give plenty of detail. They keep finding little boogers in my lungs as small as 3-4mm! And they can even describe edges and other characteristics with GREAT detail.

Whatever you choose - YIPPEEEE FOR NED!!!! May you continue to have a LONG and happy affair! :wink:

Yours in HOPE!


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I just want to thank everyone for all your "congrats" and kind wishes. Again, I am overwhelmed at the warmth and caring of this community.

A few have asked me about my herb/supplement protocol. It's pretty long, so please check the archives under posts under my name. I've left detailed descriptions in the past.

If you have trouble finding it, then please PM me.

Thanks again everyone!!


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