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Update on Jana's Mum

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Hi. I just wanted to post an update on my Mum. She is having Tronado treatment (microwave therapy) at the moment and is in her second week. She is starting to get a bit tired with it, and is telling me her back is getting sore (which makes her worry about secondaries). Over the last 2 days she has become a bit more flat and alot less confident. Up until then she, and my whole family, have been very positive and totally believing that Mum can beat this cancer. She is so open to alternative and complementary therapies and has been reading so many different success stories. But yesterday it was like all of that had gone out the window. I told her that I was still feeling very confident for her, but she told me that she just wasn't feeling that way today. I told her that was OK, as I was feeling it enough for the both of us. Basically I just don't know what to say or do to help when she is going through those times. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. It sure is such a rollercoaster and I don't know how anyone gets used to it, but I guess we do eventually.

If only loving and hoping were enough to beat this disease......

Thanks for listening and take care.

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Hi and thanks for the reply. No, Mum isn't on anti-depressants but she takes Valium sometimes when the anxiety gets to her. Thanks for the advice though and I will mention this to her. I guess this blue days are just going to happen though, but let's hope they don't last too long. Mum is having a CT scan in a few weeks so fingers crossed for that one.


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Hi Jana,

I know exactly how you feel, some days are great and others are unbelievably difficult. My mother is having one of those weeks, it is always worse in the week following a chemo treatment. I suspect many patients feel that way after a treatment, I know how crappy and sad I feel sometimes just dealing with a common cold. Somehow the emotions just get going and things you don't even think about when feeling ok suddenly become a major issue when you are feeling unwell and tired. At least that is how my mom feels. I just try to be encouraging, reminding her that this feeling is only temporary and that she will feel stronger soon. I don't know if you can be with your mom on a daily basis, but I think I am going to take off after my mom's next treatment to be with her in those hard days following the chemo. I am hoping that when she does feel sad and discouraged that my company might keep her mind off it, if only for a while. And I try to tell my mom to focus on day to day, but to remember the plan in place for her recovery and to focus on the end result, REMISSION! All the fatigue in the world will be worth it when remission comes!! :D:D

If you need someone to listen, please feel free to PM me. Our moms were diagnosed around the same time...

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Thanks so much for the reply. What you wrote was beautiful and makes perfect sense. Mum actually starts chemo in a few weeks and I am a bit apprehensive about how that will be and from what you say it doesn't sound too pretty. I know all people respond differently but I also know Mum's treatment is fairly aggressive (according to the doctors anyway), so you'll probably be reading more from me then as well!!!!

I am lucky to have a very close family, a wonderful supportive husband and of course a very beautiful Mum. At the moment I am able to see Mum and Dad every day and am actually meeting them today for lunch. Figured I'd take a longer work lunch break and enjoy a leisurely lunch with them ,which I am really looking forward to. There are so many things we do together now that seem to mean even more than they did before. Even a simple lunch is something I get quite excited about. I guess we should always feel that way about people we love and it shouldn't take a crisis to make us realise that.

Mum seemed to be feeling a bit more positive yesterday so that was really nice to see as well. And Dad also seemed a bit happier too. It's so hard to see your Dad falling apart over your this, and feeling so helpless. Both my parents are doctors too, so I don't know if that makes things better or worse.

Thanks again for the support and also if you wish to PM me to talk about anything please do so. I will probably take you up on your offer. My thoughts are with you and your Mum and "remission" for all.

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