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dr. said not safe with chemo and radiation


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My dad was just diagnosed with stage 3a cancer. He had his right lower lobe removed and lab tests came back with 2 of the lymph nodes involved. He is 66 and he was smoking for 53 years. He is a very strong man, and I am shure he can defeat it. We had oncologist appointment yesterday, and they recomended chemo with radiation. When we asked the doctor about complementary medicine, he said he does not aprove of it, as it may conflict with his therapy. What do you guys think, did you have similar expiriences, what treatments are you having, and how do I find a good naturopath for my dad?

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Inna, Not sure where youare so Can not speculate on Finding anyone besides checking Phone book or health food stores possibly. There is also An alternative to Alternative Medicine. There is a type of treat ment sometimes referred to as CAM or Complemantative alternative Medicine. It is designed to work in conjunction with Conventional not replacing Conventional Medicine. It is kind of like using supplements to help like Vitamins and Such not to replace conventional treatments.

If you need help with research of anything Drop me a note. I am also Moderator For New Med and Clinical trial Forums. Used to doing research.

Sending Prayers Tonite

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