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I need to vent


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Snappy answers to Stupid Question about Smoking.

Q: " Did So and SO Smoke?"

My Fave answer

A: : Only If so and so Is on fire!!!!"

Get it???? :lol::lol::lol::lol:

If I stop LAughing i will probably start cryin again

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Wendy, you are so right.

My view is that yes, we all know that smoking can cause this disease and yes, we all know that we need to give up - blah, blah, blah.

But I think that it's a disgrace that people think "serves them right" when it comes tothis disease. Is that why there is bugger all research money going into it even though it is the biggest cancer killer???

What next - because I eat alot of red meat, does that mean that if I get colon cancer that I deserved it!

We all do things that are bad for us, but dont we all deserve the right to get treatment for it and research into how to best cure this disease?

How dare these people feel that they have the right to judge - I'm very sure that if someone they loved had this disease, they wouldnt be casting their downward looks at them anymore - although under no circumstances would I want anyone to have to live with the horrid disease.

Keep strong Wendy and if you want to, then sock one on them - it may make you feel better :wink:

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