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Joels last chemo....


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Sorry I have not been on lately. I had a HUGH work project that involved 12 Managers of a large chain and their Market Managers meeting. So I had to make up binders for all of them. This was kinda a last minute thing and it took me from Friday until Tuesday night. to complete it. :roll: I had to give the presentation yesterday. I am so thrilled it is over!!

During this time, Joel had his last chemo last Tuesday which meant it would kick in on Fri. or Sat. Well we were waiting for the shoe to drop, and guess what....shoe stayed on his foot.. he just had fatigued that made him stay in bed and sleep for a day!!

Could you believe this after all he went through, we really thought it would be the worse as it was his 4th and last chemo. Its amazing that sometimes when you think the worse it turns out to be nothing.

So...we are thrilled to say the least... thrilled it is over and trilled it was uneventful.

Not sure when his CT scan is, but will let you know.

Anyway thought I would share the good news!!!

Another one bites the dust!!! Hopefull FOREVER!!! :D

Maryanne :wink::D:lol:

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Glad Joel is all finished AND your project is over AND your presentation as well. You did show up the correct day this time, right? I'm sorry......couldn't resist. So now you can relax a bit.....well maybe not if you're waiting on a scan. I'll start NOW with mega prayers that all be good. Give Joel a little cuddle from me......not TOO cuddly though!



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