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Duke of Earl - Good so far and then not so good

Guest ginnyde

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Guest ginnyde

I posted Tues in Good News that Earl's MRI was clean.

Our primary dr. called and came to our house last night to say that he had the results from the CT scan. There is a change on the right side under the diaphragm? from last scan. This is where your liver is.

We don't know for sure what this means. Have to meet with the drs. from Fox Chase.

Prayers please.


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Ginny, prayers are being said for Earl-please let us know if they get any conclusive findings.

I thought that a CT scan could give a difinitive answer as to whether the cancer has spread. According to my dads latest ct-the cancer had spread to his liver.

We were never told how many lesions there were-honestly we were trying to get a grip on the fluid buildup in his lungs-so that was of the foremost concern at the time. And now with the radiation on his spine/shoulderblade-I feel stupid and guilty for not making a bigger deal about the liver mets.

I did bring up RFA, and asked if it was a possibility, the onc. said he would keep it in mind, but we had to deal with the mets that were causing Daddy pain, and the fluid in his lungs.

At any rate, you and Earl are in my thoughts and prayers-I have read posts here about suspicious lesions on the liver that were not mets-just cysts. Hopefully that is what Earl has. I know the posts were recent, I believe they were from Norme-as her Buddy has had, I believe, similar findings on his CT.

We are here for you. Keep us posted-Deb

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Ginny....prayers were said for you both this morning. We are here for you, should you need us. I can't believe the doctor came to your house!! That is almost unheard of anymore. You must have a very caring and dedicated physician. They sure are hard to find!

When my dad was a dialysis patient at St. Mary's in Langhorne, not far from you, his doctor came to his apt. and took him over to his house for Christmas dinner. My dad talked about that for many months afterward!

Bonnie and Howard

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