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Donna G

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There is a science called this! They have international meetings! It is the study of how you can not divorce the effects of how you think on how your body is working.

As- If you think stressed, it lowers your body immune system function and you catch the first thing that comes along. Stess affects the bodies ability to resist disease.

The news paper today says a good source to learn more about stress and the immune system is "Why Zebras Don't Get Ulcers"

Just thought I would mention it, what more stress could you have than being told you have cancer? It should really help us to know this and work to decrease our stress.

Donna G

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Thanks for posting this. I was fortunate to have found ongoing programs for cancer survivors led by a MSW who specialized in meditation for stress at the free, non-profit Wellness Center of Phila... Getting my body, let alone my thoughts to stop racing was an ongoing battle!

In Phila, Jefferson Hospital offer lots of alternative medicine courses and lectures for the public.


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