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My God, you must have heard me. My husband & I were just coming back from the Onc's office where I had to go to get blood work and on the way home I was saying the exact same thing except more. I am having a pity party day, was saying "it's not fair" "why did I have to get this disease", etc, etc. "I am sick of it, blah, blah." I think we earned the right to have days like this

Bess B

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Darrell just told his oncologist the exact same thing today!!! He's sick of being sick and tired all the time!! But he also in his next breath told the oncologist to hit him with everything they have and then some!! And that he wants to beat this! He said, "Whatever it Takes, I'm willing!"

Just keep hanging in there Ray!! I know this is soo very hard for all of you! I feel for each and every one of you having to go through so much!! Good Luck! Christy

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Thanks my brothers and sisters for the uplifting support.

I go today to start another round of chemo.

I will be going for chemo all the way to christmas.

after this round I will be geting ct scan and MRI to see if the RAD. worked for the head and the chemo is working for the adrenal glands.

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Hey my Little Bro!

Just wanted to share with you that I had a little pitty party the other day, pretty much what your feeling as well. Only in my case I was sitting thinking to , me, myself and I that I have to HURRY UP and get my strength back up there so I can go in and have the same surgery of CRACKING MY CHEST OPEN in about 3 weeks from now to get that Myxoma Heart Tumor out of my left atrium. HUMMMMM!!!! :shock::? THEN................... I MIGHT HAVE to go back in AGAIN in 3 or 4 months to have my right lung resected, if that nodule is cancer on my upper lung!!!! ISH!!!! BOY this is a tough one my friend!! BUT, I know how your feeling and damn it, it sucks. :evil::x BUT when it's over and your cancer is DEAD AND GONE, you'll look back and say, WOW, where has the time GONE?????? :) That's what I am counting on anyway, for the BOTH OF US along with EVERYONE ON THIS BOARD LIVING IN THIS NIGHTMARE!!

Sending you HUGE HUGS Little BRO!!!! ((((((((((RAY))))))))))))

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It must have something to do with the month of October. Ever since September turned to October, I have been the all time BRAT of the year. I fired my husband at least twice. From what you ask? Everything. I think he was pretty grateful last time though. Everything he was doing was wrong. I couldn't do the things he was doing; however, he was still doing them wrong.

I've had the hardest time breathing, the pain in my hip and leg has intensified, and my blood counts were down again this week keeping me from getting chemo. I've complained to anyone who will listen. Just a whiner I tell you.

I'll hand tough with you if you'll listen to my complaints.

Sue M[/u][/i][/b]

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