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With all the SPAM going on within the board right now I wanted to remind everyone to check your virus scan. Also keep it updated. We don't need anyone disapearing because of computer going down. If you don't have one there are some free ones on the net. I will look for them and post back in case anybody needs one.

Don't these sick jerks think we have enough to deal with without dropping this on our plates?

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Thank you Bruce. As for don't these sick jerks thinking we have more to deal with..... NOPE they don't! Sick comes in all shapes and sizes.

Someone has decided to play with us. Yes it's sick, but, they really don't care.

PLEASE MODERATORS Keep a watchful eye out for these kinds of posts.

And PLEASE if anyone see's a nasty post, PLEASE feel free to PM me and I will gladly go in and delete it.

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I belong to another forum that had been inundated with these same spam messages. What we found out is they are not individuals but software programs that generate "spambots" and the software scours the internet for message boards to spam. Most likely, they don't know where their message lands. Their intent is to disseminate their website addy as widely as possible.

When Rick gets back and is up to it, I can get him information on how to eliminate these spambots. From what I understand its not too tedious of a task. On the other board I belong to, we were able to sequester them to one hidden forum.

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Yu do not have to apologize Katie. We understand and are praying you are ok each and every day. We Just holding Down the Fort for Now.

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