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Radiation Treatment


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Looking for past experience with radiation treatment for bone mets. As some of you know, my cancer has travelled the the spine. Now my oncologist who is one of those who is inclined when pushed to admitting that advanced stages are incurable. (He does this even tho he has admitted to me to having seen a few cures along the way). I prompted him about that and in the end he agreed that perhaps what he should do is explain the odds (abysmal) all the while leaving a little window of hope.

I told him I wanted an oncologist who will treat me aggressively and he has promised that he would do that. Which brings me to my question:

When I saw him a few days ago and he told me of the spread he outlined what he wanted to do. Initially he (or rather the radiation oncologist) would give me five days worth of radiation. Then scans etc then he mentioned a Clinical trial which begins at end of month. Will question him further about this when I see him next.

I'm finally getting to my question: He has agreed to treat me aggressively and yet I have to wonder why only five treatments??? I've gone over so many of your posts and all I see are 10/20/30 rounds of radiation and more!! Now of course i'm afraid he is not putting his money where his mouth is?? Please can u tell me a bit about your radiation treatment and why so many if you know?? Or, in some cases, why so little if that has been the case??

I apologize for the rambling...am looking for any info you can give me. Thx in advance.

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I think Becky is correct, in general terms. Lucie had radiation on 4 bone met sites -- upper spine, right fibula, left hip and right sacrum. Each time she had 10-14 treatments. So far, alleviating pain where there was pain, and shrinking the cancer have been successful. 5 sessions seems like a low number to me, but it may depend on the location and size of the tumor. Three of Lucie's tumors were causing her severe pain and one was large enough to threaten bone integrity (fibula). The one on her upper spine threatened the integrity of the spine and motor skills in her left hand and arm. This one is the one that signaled there was something wrong and the cancer was found. Hope this helps info wise. Don

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Thanks Becky....You just saved my doctor from a very agitated patient's phone call.

That is what is so wonderful about this site. You get some bad news or you question some treatment and with all of your combined experiences, you can have them addressed and alleviated right here!!!! I was stressed out about this and now u have taken that all away but simply pointing out a few facts that I was unaware of.

Thank God for this wonderful site. I am only now FULLY appreciating how lucky we are to have this board.

Thank you Rick and Estrea..thank you mr and mrs moderators...thank you all for being here.

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Thank for responding Don. One other thing I can add to that and that is after researching radiation therapy protocols (which I just finished doing), it seems that, generally speaking, the American oncologists tend to go for 10 single treatments and the Canadians' (being less aggressive) standard is five.

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