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Update on Alan 1/26/07


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Hello my family,

I wanted to give you and update on how Alan is responding to radiation.

He had a quick scan today to see how the tumor is responding and I am happy to report SHRIKING :P

The radiation field had be reset to a smaller field

because the tumor has shrunk dramatically. :D

Alan is having the typically radiation side effects,

the worst being fatigue, but those are small issues.

Alan should finish radiation on Feb 22nd with PET/CT

to follow 4-6 weeks later. Thank you for keeping us in your prayers.

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This is great news Debbie! I'm glad Alan's supra node can be resolved with radiation. My Dad had chemo and his butt is still whipped but he had a suspicious nodule in the lung also.

Tell Alan, it's great to read his success story and we're confident he will continue to be a success!

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Debbi that is great news. He has come such a long long way. I know he will have great scans.

I will continue to send prayers for more good news.

Thanks for the great update, I love that kind of news.:mrgreen:

Maryanne :wink:

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