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Not such good news - Update


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After suffering through the 2 rounds of infusion w/ a drug trial and the subsequent thrush, dads CT results are in and they are not good.

Appointment on Monday for the next round, but I doubt that will happen. Seems like the more traditional routes will be tried next.

Not a good day(and my bosses brother is losing his fight w/ another type of cancer as I'm typing this)

Tuesday update -

Dad is going to try Alimta

My mgrs brother Kevin lost his battle, but he got there is time (Kevin was in Houston, Jim in NJ)

Jim had to have emergency surgery for kidney stones right after his brother passed.


Right upper lobe - increase in volume

Right lower lobe - new infiltrate

Right midle lobe - interval increase to lung markings

Right upper lung zone posteriorly - subleural density

Right pleural effusion

Left base - new nodular density

Left lower lobe and lingular portion of left lung - interval increase to lung markings

Left upper lobe - new irregular opacity / infiltrate

Oh yeah and the good news

Less prominent opacity in the periphery of the left apical region (whatever that means)

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I'm sorry to hear the initial results were not good. Two treatments seems like too short a time to evaluate, but if there is progression, I guess stopping it makes sense. I have been on a number of different therapies and some are much easier than others (although I have been able to tolerate all fairly well).

Hope they find the right plan of attack for you Dad.


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