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Dad received bad Brain MRI result. Needs hope please reply


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Hello all,

My dad received his results from his brain MRI today. Cancer has spread to his brain. I was hoping it would come back negative. This has been the hardest week of my life. He was going to start chemo and rad next week, but now he is only doing rad. Any positive stories regarding results of brain radiation will be appreciated. Want to share these stories with him to lift his spirits. Also, how quick can he expect to feel results from his radiatoin treatment.

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I am sorry to hear about your dad, I know you are scared, understandly so, but people do and have responded well with brain mets to chemo and or radiation. Also if you see my husbands' history, he has had reoccuring brain mets, the first time they went away w/ whole brain radiation, only to come back a couple of months later, now he has been only on 1 oral chemo drug regimen ( etoposide) and so far has had very good response to it.

Please know you are among many who have traveled down this tiring road, and we are here for you and your dad and family.


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My dad had NSCLC stage 3b and had a brain met. He had been having excruciating headaches for about a month before he received an MRI. Once he started whole brain radiation, he instantly felt better. They were able to wipe most all of it out. A small little piece of it is left, but it's nothing the doctors are even concerned about. He had the brain met in July and it was gone in August. WBR (whole brain radiation) worked for my dad, but I do know that there are other options that have excellent results as well. The only bad news in it all was that his cancer was no longer 3b- it was now concidered stage 4 metastic cancer. I hope that this information helps out. And please continue using this site as a place for answers and support. I always feel much better after venting, and I hope you do as well.


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First, ignore timelines. What did the MRI show? Did he have multiple lesions requiring Whole Brain Radiation? If there are only a couple, they can use stereotactic radiation, which is an easy procedure.

A lot of cancer patients have need of WBR and there seems to be minor problems - like some short term memory loss. I think the worst of it is that you are put on a steroid that is a nightmare to withdraw from.

There are many others here who can explain how they responded to WBR.

Best wishes.


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I am very sorry to hear about your Dad's recent MRI.

My husband had a large brain tumor that was crushing

his brain stem. he under went WBR followed by IMRT to

the tumor itself. That was in July of 2005. Alan is

still living a high quality of life. Although his

cancer did recently return, it has NOT returned to his brain.

My prayers to you and your family

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