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1 week from today and I'm scared like never before...


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my best advice would be to

have someone with you at the hospital to help you get water fruit etc help you out of bed into chair to the bath for a walk

nurses are to busy and dont have time for this sort of thing and you WILL need to do all of the above

you will need help

make sure you write questions down so you dont forget to ask the drs when they make rounds

make sure you speak with the anastesiologist (SP) discuss pain med options before they arise so if you need it there is a back up plan in place waiting for the doctor to get back to the nurse to authorize changes is time consuming and un nessesary suffering for you

take your own pillow your own pillow just makes ya feel better

ipod with your own soothing tunes to help drown out hospital noise

slipper socks its too hard to put regular slipers on and off and it helps keep your feet clean and warm

moisturizer with aromatherapy of a soothing sent you like it just feels nice...

have our visitor bring you fresh drinks like your favorite tea or smoothie fresh fruit

ear pugs and blinkers helps ya rest

cant think of anything else right now

i ate alot of good food and wine the weeks before my surgery

best of luck

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