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My sister was wondering if anyone has tried any of the herbal teas or minerals that we have read about? I have been trying to get her to post also but she doesn't have the patience. I'm a firm believer in herbs and minerals. I feel the chinese have been using them since before europe was civilzed. Right now she is taking shark cartilage and is going to begin taking a tea my nephew's mother-in-law found out about. It's called Essiac. It was developed by a woman from Canada at the beginning of the last century. We'd like to hear your opinions. Lori

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Hi Lori,

Your sister sounds like a wonderful person and she seems lucky to have you in her corner fighting this beast with her! She sounds like she's had a few tough months not feeling well. I really hope that's all behind her now. I'm not sure where you live in NJ but you have great hospitals if you are near Phila (UPenn,Fox Chase,Cooper) or outside NYC (Sloan Kettering/Cornell, Columbia). Don't settle for a community hospital when you have lung cancer.

There are several really great people on this board who know SCLC firsthand who will be introducung themselves in no time.

But, I wanted to reply to your question about shark cartilage, teas and essiac...save your money. During chemo and during those first few years your sister really needs to let your oncologists and RNs know everything she is taking so that they aren't contraindicated. Unfortunately, lots of supplements are not regulated and can alter the effects of chemo.

If I were you, I would spend time with her walking outside or in a mall before the stores open. We've been blessed with a very mild winter so try to get her moving! Her spirits and energy will rebound, I promise.

When I was first diagnosed 6 and a half years ago, I would take long walks throughout the winter months. I went by myself and found it really invigorated me in many ways. Walking along the NJ shore in spring and winter are very special memories of my early recovery. I also ate simple, unprocessed healthly foods (I craved crunchy vegetables)and sipped on green tea throughout the day. My personal demon was worrying about my family and my future...During those walks I made note of when I had discursive thoughts popping into my head and learned a technique on how to get rid of them...Until the CAT scan gave me bad news I wasn't letting my mind go down that depressing path.

So Lori, really encourage her to start moving. Take a yoga class with her. Thanks for being there for her.



Sept 2000-coughed up small amount of blood after months of a lingering cough

Oct. 2000-left lower lobectomy

Dec 2004-CT Scan looks clear..

Prayers of hope for all of us.

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